Cost Comparison

Are you thinking about installing other edging but are unsure which one would be most cost efficient versus the others? Please review the comparison below for the pros and cons versus each type.


Continuous Landscape curbing


  • Any landscape bed shape desired can be attained

  • Can be trimmed with mower right up to the edge of curb

  • Retains landscaping bed materials

  • Color choice and design can be costumed to accent any home

  • Will out last other edging with far less maintenance required


  • Can not rip up and reuse to reconfigure landscaping beds


  • Average landscaping project (150 ft) would be $1,275 installed




Sectioned Steel Edging



  • A variety of shapes and bends can be achieved

  • Can retain certain bed covers, i.e. rocks, mulch, to an extent


  • Unless stainless steel is purchased, edging will rust and not last indefinitely

  • Is not continuous, usually purchased in 10 foot segments

  • Requires stakes placed so many feet, that have potential to come dislodged and allow edging to come loose and lift out of the ground

  • Difficult to trim grass around


  • Average landscaping project (150 ft) would be $1,521 installed.

paver mow strip2.jpg

Belgian Block pavers Edging


  • Can trim with mower right up to edge of blocks

  • Durable, longer lasting compared to steel edging

  • Can be matched to masonry fa├žade on house


  • Loose fitting blocks that sit on the ground

  • Offers no retention of materials in landscape beds

  • Has limited bed shapes due to shape of blocks

  • Difficult and labor intensive to install


  • Average landscaping project (150 ft) would be $1,703 installed.