Curbing Process - Step by Step


Estimate - The first step in the project would be for the customer and a representative to meet and discuss the project. Correct measurements will be taken at this time to give the customer the most accurate installation price. Depending on the amount of work and size of the project, most meetings take about 30 minutes. Colors, patterns, profiles, and stamps will be discussed during this meeting. Once those choices are made, we will complete the estimate for their desired project.

Pre-installation Meeting - Prior to edging installment, a pre-installation meeting will be held to review and confirm any changes to the design. The representative will then spray a temporary marking paint to lay out the project on the ground for both the installers and customer to visualize. Changes can be made at this time to ensure the project is exactly as the customer envisioned. Limitless Curbs will need to know the locations for all buried cables, lines, and any sprinkler lines/heads. Installers are not responsible for damages to unmarked utilities.

Day of Installation

Pre-work Check - Upon arrival at the jobsite, an installer will have a final review of the project with the customer to ensure alignment with the customers vison. The installer will be able to answer any questions and address any last minute changes to the project. At Limitless Curbs, we go out of our way to ensure the job is completed to the customers satisfaction. Installers will need access to water to be able to mix the cement, however we only need a hook-up, we supply our own hoses. Please insure on the day of installation that you or a representative of at least 18 years of age is on site to answer any questions that may arise during installation.

Ground Trenching - Installers will use a bed edger to create a trench for the edging to be installed. The trench is 10" wide and .75” deep. This will cut out grass, small roots, and a small part of the soil. The material is pulverized making it great soil that can be reused by the homeowner or disposed of by Limitless Curbs.


Mixing Cement - Once the trenching has been complete and areas prepared, the mixing process will begin. Limitless Curbs mixes its own cement on site with its own exclusive blend, insuring the customer gets the strongest and most durable concrete edging. A combination of sand, fiberglass mesh, and Portland cement is added into the mixer. After all the contents are mixed thoroughly, color will be added at this time. Once the mix is uniform, the cement is dumped into a wheel barrow and taken to the extruder.

Extrusion - The concrete is then delivered to the extruder via wheel barrow. One installer operates the extruder to insure it is kept level and on the pre-determined path. A galvanized steel cable is added to the center of the edging to increase the strength of the curb and to help maintain the curb form & placement for years. This will keep the curb from separating and heaving, giving the customer one of the longest lasting curbs on the market.

Finishing - After the curb is extruded, an installer will then finish the edging. Experience and training ensures this crucial step delivers a professional finished curb . Trowels are used to smooth the edging even further and fill any small voids .

Stamping and Control Joints - If desired by the customer, stamps can be used to add design to your curb. All stamps are applied by hand to give a great professional look. Control joints are cut into the edging to help control cracking during the freeze and thaw cycles. These expansion joints are roughly every 2 feet and are the same type of joints that are cut into sidewalks and poured drives.

Sealing - This is the last step to enjoying your new edging. Sealant protects your curb from the suns UV rays thus protecting the color from fading. It is recommended to repeat the sealer applicationevery two years to maximize the life of your new curb. 

Enjoy - All these steps should be completed within one day, however can vary due to size of job. Once the job has been completed, remaining payment will be collected.