We offer two great style profiles that suit your preferences and needs. Both have their aesthetic and practical uses.


Stamps for this shape would include different brick style stamps, stone, and many other stamping patterns. Textures can be added to further enhance the appeal of your edging.  This style offers the most flexibility in customization.


Undoubtedly the most popular profile, this profile gives you a large surface to allow you to customize it to attain the focal point you are looking for. This style is the profile that is required for most of our stamped borders. It is a very clean and simple design in itself.

slant edge profile.PNG

Mower style does exactly as it is described, allows you to mow directly up to the edging. Although both the mower and slant style allows you to do so, this style is most effective because of it's shape allows you to place your mower tire on the lower tier of the curb. Doing so will help eliminate weed-eating around the curbing saving you time and work.

mower edge profile.PNG

Not only does this style give you a great practical use, it has great curb appeal giving your home a picture perfect frame type of look. This profile is 4" tall by 6" wide.